Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have

Driving by a very large house in our town he says "That is a BIG BIG BIG house!...He WINS!"... When I asked him why 'he wins', he says "The guy with the biggest house WINS". Hmmmm.... is this something that boys/men are born with? LOL!

"It is HOTTER than HOTTER out here!"


kaydensgracedesigns said...

LOL! Too cute! What a goof ball!
:0) HUGS Sweet Momma! Tab

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Aww. So cute! My girly has said that too. "hotter than hotter" . It's so funny when they come up with their own sayings. :)

And hey, Anytime you want to use my little guy for modeling. He's yours. ;)