Saturday, May 23, 2009

My little golfer...

My little guy is FINALLY moving on from the video games!
Knock on wood it stays this way!!! Makes a mommy VERY happy ;)
His new found love it golf! He played in a local putt-putt
tournament last weekend and WON :) I couldn't believe it!
They gave all the little guys in his division trophies and
prizes. He won a Nike Tiger Woods putter. His new pride and joy!

His daddy dressed him and took the pictures! LOL! Seems that
the focus point was on the greens or the ball the whole time!

Friday, May 15, 2009

School's Out and Clowns!!!

Brayden's class had a circus unit at school today. We had a full fledged circus in the cafeteria! His class is so lucky to have a great group of moms who are so willing to help!!

I was in charge of the craft table. I wanted a fun craft that was circus themed. Bray and I decided that clown masks would be fun! Of course there was a ton of pre-work for me but it was so worth it! Here is Bray's dry run! They were a huge success today! I will share pics of the 'circus' as soon as I get some editing time!

School's almost out! WOOHOO! I don't know about your kids but mine have been counting down the days for weeks now! I got inspiration from one of my sweet Twitter friends for a fun idea. Every day Bray gets to tear off a chain. Once he reaches the big "School's Out" star....time for summer break :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oklahoma storms...

We've had some wicked storms in OK the last couple of days. We had some wind damage a couple of nights ago that left the trampoline over the fence in the neighbors yard. Our glass patio table slammed into the fence and shattered.

Last night there were various tornadic storms all over the state. We had some amazing clouds roll in that I had to snap some shots of! They were beautiful!

I did get a good laugh out of Bray kicking back and relaxing as he watched the clouds ;)

What I'm working on....

Just giving you a sneak peek of what I'm working on this week :)

Poor little guy....

I want you to see what happens when this poor little guy gets locked out of my sewing room! He gives me these looks and must melts my heart!

Monday, May 4, 2009


We decided to take a little weekend road trip and go to POPS on Route 66! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!!

You pull up to this amazing king sized POP! You should see it at night! It's all neon lights that change colors!

All of the walls of this place are glass and glass shelves lined with POPS! All color coordinated of course! It's sooooo pretty! I'm talking...rows and rows and rows of POPS!

I think it must have taken us at least 30-45 minutes trying to decide what kind of POP we were going to get! The kids enjoyed this more than I can tell you! I must admit that I did too :) There are POPS that you could never in your wildest imagination think of! It's crazy FUN!

I decided on this blue Brain Wash! I decided on it because it said "Helps relieve extreme mental overload"! This MUST be meant for me! Ok, it was so sour!

Check out what it did to the girls tongues...LOL! Anything it stained! I can't imagine what it was doing to our insides!!!

Didn't take long for me to switch to this!

Now it's time to eat! They are known for having amazing cheeseburgers! I had to have one! It was sooooooo good! Will be back for more! :)

CRAZY girls enjoying their fries!

Yep, this is what Brayden did! What else is new? This kid beats all I've ever seen!

For anyone that wants to check out a super COOL spot on Route 66...I highly suggest POPS! We will be making it a point to drive up to Arcadia on more occasions!


It seems to be monsoon season in Oklahoma! The kids put the mud to good use this weekend! The extra little one is Peyton's BFF Rachael (Mini). Aren't they CUTE?! haa haa! They did have fun though! That's all that matters right? ;)